Missing Icons for Web Deployment on Win2k8

Scott Gu recently posted a really helpful article on how to take advantage of the Web Deploy option in Visual Studio, including how to configure Windows Server 2008 and Windows Web Server 2008.

In it, he outlined how to configure Management Service Delegation on IIS7, but what if, like me, that icon isn’t even available?  Gone.  Missing.  Disappeared.

The solution is actually quite straight-forward: the most likely cause is that the features required are not installed when using the Web Platform Installer.  Download the Deployment Package directly – rather than via the Web Platform Installer – (or get the x86 or x64 versions from here) and choose the option to change your installation.

Installing additional features for web deploymentYou should see that your IIS7 Deployment Handler and the child node Management Service Delegation are both currently uninstalled.  Install these options, reload the IIS manager and you should see the icon appear as expected.

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  1. peter

    Thank you very much ,this one only i am looking…..
    Very usefull

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